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The Shark Token

Built on the Stellar Network, the Shark Token serves as the cornerstone of our platform, offering a powerful decentralized solution for secure and efficient global transactions. With Shark Token, users can harness the advanced features of Stellar's infrastructure, designed for swift, low-cost processing while ensuring accuracy and fairness in every operation.


As the native digital currency for our ecosystem, Shark Token enables seamless value exchange across borders, streamlining the complexities often associated with international transfers. Real-time settlement and a secure transactional environment are just a few benefits users can enjoy with the Shark Token.

Furthermore, the Shark Token plays an essential role in facilitating platform interactions and covering various fees within the Loan Shark Network. By using Shark Token, users gain access to a range of services and can efficiently manage transaction costs, leveraging the token's intrinsic value and utility.

The decentralized nature of the Stellar Network bolsters the security and stability of Shark Token, making it resistant to single points of failure and promoting transparency. This fosters trust among participants and safeguards users' assets within the Loan Shark Network.

In essence, the Shark Token is a testament to the Loan Shark Network's commitment to providing a robust and reliable solution for cross-border payments and DeFi services. By adopting Shark Token, users can confidently engage in global transactions while experiencing the unparalleled advantages of a fast, secure, and cost-effective solution built on a cutting-edge decentralized network.

$SHARK Market  Metrics


$0.0077843 USD









Market Cap

$1,556,868.699 USD

Slot Holder Stats

$SHARK Per Slot

50 /mo.

Bonus $SHARK

10,000 /qtr.

Total Rewards


Maximum Slots


Filled Slots


Burned Slots

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